• Festive Essentials (210 mins)
      Pamper - Cheryl's Brightening Facial by L'oreal
      Manicure - Spa Manicure
      Pedicure - Spa Pedicure
      Hair Spa - Loreal Nourishing Hair Spa - Upto Waist
    • Ever Young (125 mins)
      Hair Color Application - Root Touchup Application
      Pedicure - Spa Pedicure
      Pamper - Cheryl's Vitalift by L'oreal
    • Festive Basics (100 mins)
      Chocolate Waxing - Full Hands
      Chocolate Waxing - Full Legs
      Pedicure - Classic Treatment
      Chocolate Waxing - Underarms
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    • Great Experience!!! This was the first time I used their services and was very satisfied. The staff was Punctual, efficient and gave priority to overall hygiene & cleanliness.
      Lakshmi Sripada Bhatia Review

      Lakshmi Sripada Bhatia

    • I have always had very good experience, its been 3 years now that I am calling at my home and I must say, every time My experience has been wonderful.
      Anushree Mishra Review

      Anushree Mishra

    • For lazy people like me! The best thing that can happen :)
      Shraddha Das Review

      Shraddha Das

    • Excellent... Just loved it.. Nikita the therapist was superb
      Priyanka Puri Shergill Review

      Priyanka Puri Shergill